Psionic Infinity
(A DDO Guild)

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We are crazy, psychotic, insane, and just plain weird. - Vombalk

Psionic Infinity is always actively 

seeking new members secretly. We

are mainly active in the evenings. Our

current play times range from 

about 7pm CDT until about 12am 

CDT. You will occasionally find one 

of us on during the day but not very


Our Moto: We play as we would 

have others see us.

We are a very friendly guild and we

do like to help. While we are family 

oriented we normally do not take   

anyone under 18. We are adults and

we do try to separate the children

from the adults.

If you are interested in joining a 

good tight nit guild then seek out one

of our officers or contact us

here, and start running with us. You

must run several runs with us 

before we offer invite we want to

make sure we are a good match

for you and you are a good match

for us. We are not into the drama

and we are not into the guild politics

We are not uber or elite we are

just a bunch of people who like to

have a good time.

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