Psionic Infinity
(A DDO Guild)

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We are crazy, psychotic, insane, and just plain weird. - Vombalk

We are a DDO guild that was

founded in 2009. Most of the us 

are originally from Red Dragon 

Inn Guild, but from the ashes of 

their downfall we have emerged 

anew. Psionic Infinity is a very 

friendly, family oriented, helpful

guild. We are a group of 

characters who love to have a 

good time. We are not into guild 

politics, or an elitist guild. We just 

want to run and have a good time.

So come check us out, or just 

come run with us sometime.

If you are looking for a Permadeath Guild you can always look into our sister guild Rest in Piece s

Check it out!

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