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Name that Quest Feb 3 - Mar 3

Posted by Saleena-Riedra on January 24, 2013 at 3:05 PM

Well our first contest of the new year everyone jump for joy... Lol... 

Anyway here is how it goes...

Starting Feb 3rd I will be posting a photo with a DM quote from a regularly ran quest once a week (and no I am not going to make it super easy). Now the quests will range from as low as Korthos Island up through Eveningstar. Slayer areas will not be used. These will be taken from actual quests that we run. 

Now then the first person to guess correctly the quest name will win. I am looking for the actual name of the quest. Such as for example VoN 2 isn't really called that it is called The Prisioner. So remember this when naming the quest. There are several sources you can use to find out the actual name of the quest. DDO wiki is a good one or just look in your quest log in game. 

Each person will get 3 guesses per picture. So guess carefully. As usual the regular weekly pictures will have random rewards for the winner.

Also I will as normal be posting a month long picture. You will also only get 3 guesses for that one but it will be a rarer quest that isn't ran as often, and the winner of that one will get that wonderful Green Steel Blank I love to give away.

So come participate!

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